How to Track Multiple Couriers at Once

We usually deal with couriers in every walk of our lives. Especially in India, where our Postal system is considered to be poorly maintained and controlled, private courier companies emerged as a boon as they provided a faster alternative of logistics, package shipping and door to door deliveries.

However, sometimes courier companies aren’t completely efficient. They sometimes deliver to the wrong address and misplace packages. To avoid these problems, they provide a simple tracking feature which allows users to track the current location and contents of the courier or shipment. For example, Speed Post / India Post by the Indian Postal departments also provides a handy tracking option.

How to Track Multiple Couriers At Once

Almost every courier company allows you to track the current location and details of the package or shipment simply by inputting the AWB/Shipment/Reference number associated with the courier package. However, if you are dealing with multiple couriers, it would be a hectic task to manage all at once.

In this scenario, tracking multiple couriers comes handy. You need to browse to each and every courier site such as DTDC, Professional, Aramex, Canada Post, e.t.c, instead you can use a single portal to check shipment statuses associated with numerous different courier companies.

All thd details such as Date of Booking / Dispatch, Expected time of delivery, Log of Places and History, and lastly the status and location of the shipment.

How to Track

There are several ways you can accomplish the task.

  • The simplest and most reliable way is to use our website (
  • Alternatively, you can use various Android / iOS apps that facilitate courier tracking.
  • One of the best apps for multiple courier tracking is Multi Courier Tracker – Mohan Noone.

Click here for Professional Courier Tracking (TPC India).

That’s it folks! If you have any additional questions, just let me know.